Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cloth napkins for everyday use

Cloth napkins being made for everyday use do not have to be complicated. If I was going to make some for more formal occasions I might sew them with some nice mitered edges like these over at Design Mom. But for these a simple zigzagged edge will do.

Any fabric can used: leftovers from other sewing projects, sheets, old flannel shirts or some nice linens bought just for the project. I cut my fabric into 13" squares but anywhere from 12-20" is a good size, it's just personal choice.

Once the fabric is cut, use a sewing machine with matching thread to zigzag around the edge.

Fold up your napkins and stack them in a napkin holder on your table. As they are used they can be tossed in with your regular laundry. See, really simple! And now you don't have to buy disposable napkins anymore!

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