Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fall cold snap

If November is any inclination, we're in for a rough winter this year! This morning we were at 13°F with winds blowing 20-30 mph, and we're expecting single digits tonight! We've had temperatures in the teens three other times this month.

So far the plants in the hoop house are doing well. When the temperatures get near freezing we put a row cloth over the plants for extra protection. The beets have wilted a little from frosting but that may be because they are planted closest to the edge of the hoop and are dealing with the most cold. We've picked quite a bit of lettuce and radishes though!

Over night, along with the cold temperatures, we got almost an inch of snow with more squall expected during the day.

My husband dusted off the south wall of the hoop house and as soon as the sun came out it quickly warmed up into the 20's and 30's. By noon it was 55° in the hoop when outside it was 19° and windy!

Inside the row covers are draped over all the plants to give an extra layer of protection. We watered everything well yesterday to keep the humidity high.

 Under the row covers the lettuce and radishes were frosted but were fine once the temperature warmed up. If we had not purchased cold hardy varieties they wouldn't have handled it.

fresh radishes when it's snowing outside!

I would love to be able to pick lettuce clear through winter but we'll just have to see what kind of winter we end up having and how much the plants can tolerate. 

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