Thursday, January 2, 2014

Why you should roast a turkey when a winter storm is coming...

So your weather report is calling for a big winter storm. You've got your shovels ready at the front door, you've pick up the bread and milk, got fuel for the generator, filled some jugs for drinking water, filled your oil lamps, what else can you do to prepare?

Roast a turkey!!

Sounds strange I know, but I promise it does make sense. The day before the storm you take your frozen turkey out of the freezer and float it in your bath tub to thaw and be ready to cook the next day. In the morning, before the storm really gets going, get that bird into the oven!

Why are we doing this you ask? :
1. The hours that your oven is on will provide needed extra heat to the house during a cold storm. There's nothing like a cozy house while the flakes are flying outside.

2. If power goes out later you don't have to worry about how to cook for your family. You'll have plenty of left over turkey for sandwiches to tide everyone over.

3. One less thing to worry about. After spending hours outside shoveling snow and scraping cars the last thing you want to worry about is running inside to start cooking dinner. Put together a quick salad and you have your meal!

3. That bath tub full of water can be used for flushing if power goes out! 

See, I told you it made sense! So next time you're making your list of storm preps, DON'T FORGET THE TURKEY!

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