Monday, June 10, 2013

Planting leeks

I LOVE potato leek soup, especially when the weather starts getting chilly in the fall.  Last year was our first time planting leeks and I think they will become a regular in the garden. They're  pretty easy to grow, a little weeding and just leave them alone. Pests don't seem to bother them either.

We started out seeds inside about 8-10 weeks before our last frost. They should be started in a tall container because those roots are going to be very long.

When ready to plant remove them from the pot and gently pull apart to separate the individual leeks. Rinse the roots and set into a cup of cool water until ready to plant.

I like to lay down some string or rope to mark my rows. It's helpful to keep me straight when I'm planting. This wouldn't be necessary if you are digging a trench to plant your leeks instead of this method.

Use a pencil to push a hole into the ground about 4 inches deep. Separate each hole by the length of the pencil and continue making holes down your row. (don't mind the foot prints left by my 5 yr old, right after I raked down the row)

use the top of the pencil to gently push the roots into the hole

After you've planted your row water them well to wash the soil in around the seedling. Plant any additional rows 6-8" apart.

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