Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What's planted in the garden

The garden is just getting under way. I'm excited for all the vegetables I'm going to have to sell at my road side stand.
This is the main garden...

It is surrounded by an 8 ft tall fence, because that is the only thing that will keep the deer out. They are determined little buggers. So are the rabbit, so we keep rocks around the bottom to prevent gaps. It's actually two pieces of 4 foot fencing, one on top of the other and fastened together with zip ties.

Planted so far are potatoes, garlic, lettuce, spinach, carrots, beets, green beans, cabbage, zucchini, patty pans, pickling cucumbers,  and salad cucumbers. We still have to plant the leeks and pumpkins. (Oh there's also an attempt at growing a grape plant, but if the spring frost keep hitting it it's going to be a loosing battle)
Along the outside of the garden is a raised bed with butternut squash in it. I'll be adding birdhouse gourds, and mini ornamental gourds. The deer don't mess with that stuff much.

This is a raised bed with strawberries that we build in a really rock corner of the garden. It was a good use of the space that we couldn't plant anything in before. 

This is our hoop house that we just built this year...

Heat loving plants won't grow in our cool climate. So we built this for them. It will also be good protection from heavy wind and rain. Planted are slicing tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, egg plant and watermelon (which I would never have thought I could grow) So far the plants look fantastic. With my husband's solar water system and drip irrigation hoses watering is easy. We may have to build more of these.
Outside of the hoop house is a row of sun flowers. I hope they grow, the seeds we bought didn't look so good.

We bought a few fruit trees this year. Our property has a bunch of, what I would call, wild apple trees. All different colors, sizes, flavors, some good, some bad. We added a Winesap apple, so we'll have one tree we can actually identify, and we know will have a good sweet flavor. Also two plum trees, and three pear trees.
Fewww, that's a lot of stuff, I hope I can keep up with it all!

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